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Mercedes-Benz Brand

This is a premium carmaker specializing in the production a wide range of vehicles of different capacity: from light commercial to the passenger, as well as heavy commercial equipment. It is a subsidiary of the German conglomerate, Daimler AG. The company is known for quality and durability. Before 1994, the Mercedes brand employed an alphanumeric system for classifying its vehicles, which is a unique approach typical for this particular brand. However, this model nomenclature has been replaced by a new system. We all know and love the cars made by Mercedes and not without reason. A lot of autos by Mercedes have already become iconic, and many cars are good for a stance. The CLS-Class model is one of the autos that can undergo the modifications.

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Stance: About the Model

The CLS is a mid-size executive four-door sedan, a very popular model in the market. Till present, it has been going through some updates. Whereas the 1st generation European models hit the market in 2004, the US ones were introduced to the market the following year. The 2nd generation CLS was showcased as a concept car at Geneva Motor Show in 2011. The 3rd generation CLS is the latest one so far. It was unveiled in January 2018, and it is expected to enter the market closer to 2019.

Can you have Mercedes CLS stanced?

Yes, the Mercedes CLS can be stanced. You can find a couple of stanced Mercedes CLS on our website. Overall, the Mercedes CLS stance can enhance not only the aesthetic but also a functional value of the CLS. Many aftermarket parts that fit the Mercedes CLS are available now, so you can turn on the fantasy and customize your CLS car in line with your imagination.

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