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Toyota Brand

It’s a renowned carmaker from Japan, and a very popular one in many other countries. Being the world’s biggest provider of automobiles in the market for hybrid electric autos, Toyota achieved an unprecedented milestone in 2012. It became the first car producer to manufacture more than 10 mil machines per year.

Up to the present, this company has put out more than 200 mil vehicles to the market. This giant carmaker produces vehicles under five different brands including Toyota.
The firm even surpassed Ford in 2005 and was ranked 2nd on the list of the world’s largest carmakers. A year later, the Japanese giant topped the list when it surpassed another American automobile giant GM in total production. The firm has maintained its ranking ever since.

Toyota Corolla: About the Model

First of all, you should know that this is one of the best selling cars globally. The Corolla was introduced in 1966, and less than a decade later topped global automobile sales chart. Since 1974, it has remained in the list of top car sales. In 1997, the corolla even surpassed a well-known Volkswagen Beetle to become the best selling global brand. Corolla is so popular because it combines efficient technology and stylish look. This car is functional, convenient, and good-looking. What else does the real car enthusiast need?

Can you have Toyota Corolla stanced?

Yes, definitely! Toyota Corolla can be modified, and you can find a couple of stanced Toyota Corolla cars on our website. We can assure you that Toyota Corolla stance will look really superb since the modification list can include plenty of different adjustments. A lot of aftermarket parts fit the Corolla so that you can customize your car in line with your imagination.

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