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Cadillac Brand

Being a subsidiary of America’s foremost automotive corporation General Motors (GM), this giant firm specializes in making the luxury autos. Since 1902, this very brand has been present in the market, which makes it one of the earliest in the world. Less than a decade after its founding, Cadillac built a reputation as one of the premier luxury automotive makers in the U.S. In 1909, GM purchased Cadillac, making it their subsidiary. The Cadillac line also produces cars such as hearses, ambulances, limousines, etc.

Cadillac CTS: About the Model

This is a mid-size luxury vehicle developed and sold by GM. It is important to note that this particular assembly was the first in the line to be equipped with a manual transmission. CTS that is close to its current look was originated in early 2000. This is a very popular car, and here is one interesting fact about it. The CTS was used in a sci-fi action film The Matrix Reloaded. This has been considered a watershed event that determined the success of this model.
The 2nd generation of this car was presented later in 2007 as an exhibit on the North American International Auto Show. This time, the automobile was significantly improved. It included 6-speed manual transmission equipment and many other impressive features. By 2013, General Motors had unveiled the 3rd generation of Cadillac CTS. Although branded as CTS, the third generation Cadillac CTS resembles the STS in size and Market position.

Can you have the Cadillac CTS stanced?

Yes, the Cadillac CTS can be stanced. You can find many aftermarket parts that fit this auto and customize your car in line with your imagination. The Cadillac CTS stance can give your car a face lift, enhance its looks and improve its function. You can find some stanced Cadillac CTS on our website.

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