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Subaru Brand

This is a subsidiary of Japanese transport giant firm under a similar name. The corporation itself was founded in 1953 as a result of a merger of five different companies. Their autos have a unique boxer engine layout that is suitable for the vehicles that go over 1500 cc.
Since 1972, the autos of this brand have used a symmetrical layout, all-wheel drive-train one. The Subaru brand positions itself as an affordable sports car and is a great choice amongst those who desire a car with a drive train engine and all-wheel (rough road) capabilities.

Subaru Forester: About the Model

The 1st gen Forester was shown to the public in 1995 at the Tokyo Motor Show as the streega concept. However, it wasn’t until 1997 that it hit the market. At the 2002 Chicago Auto Show, Subaru unveiled the 2nd gen Forester as a 2003 model. The latter was designed with an aluminum hood, hydro-formed front sub-frame, as well as perforated rails. This meant a lot of weight was cut out in the new model.
Five years later, Forester was presented in Japan. The 3rd gen Forester marked a shift from traditional wagon design to a crossover SUV. At the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the new Subaru was unveiled to the American Market.
At the 2012 Guangzhou Motor Show, Subaru unveiled the fourth generation Forester. The new model was presented to the American Market at the 2013 New York International Auto Show.

Can you have the Subaru Forester stanced?

Yes, Subaru Forester can be stanced. The Subaru Forester stance can give your car a face lift, enhance its looks and improve its function. You can find a catalog of stanced Subaru Forester on our website. You can find many aftermarket parts that fit the Forester and customize your car in line with your imagination.


Subaru Forester Air Ride

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