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Scion Brand

Scion, a car brand originally targeting younger demographics, was born in 2002. Its product line included mostly sports compact vehicles. In 2016, this brand was eaten up by the great Toyota. Frankly, no one was very much surprised when the news stroke because until that time, the brand has already been losing its status in the market. Being unable to keep up with short product cycle versus sales situation, Scion was shut down as a separate entity. Technically, it didn’t disappear from the market for good; it has only become a part of Toyota brand. Though a couple of selected models were re-branded, and Scion FRS was included in that list.

Scion FRS: About the Model

After the formal end of Scion as a brand, this particular model received a new name and continued as Toyota 86. This auto is very much admired by the drivers because it demonstrates an excellent performance, which is a rare thing to get for such price. Toyota 86, ensures an excellent driving dynamics. You can select between a six-speed automatic and a six-speed manual transmission; both are quick and responsive. As to the available engine options, the choice is only one: a 200-hp 2.0-liter flat-four. The cabin is rather cramped, plasticky, and not very impressive in general. Still, given its price, the model is pretty good, and it can fulfill the needs of many aspiring car enthusiasts.

Can you have Scion FRS stanced?

Yes! In fact, the abundance of aftermarket parts for this particular model is of the most exciting features of FRS. Scion FRS stance is almost limitless in the number of modifications that can be done to its interior, exterior, and performance. This automobile looks insignificant, but it has a massive potential for amazing changes. You can find an example of stanced Scion FRS on our website.

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