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The Lexus Brand

For three decades, Lexus has represented Toyota’s luxury car division. It has a high preference in the premium vehicles market, which is why it has become the largest selling brand of premium autos in Japan. The Lexus global lineup includes sedans of varying sizes, such as the compact IS and HS models. The lineup also includes mid-size ES and GS models, as well as the full-size LS.
Although relatively new to the premium vehicles market, Lexus has built a reputation for reliability and dependability. Aside of the reliability, the success of the automotive brand has also been attributed to it’s increasing levels of quality and lower prices compared to competing firms.
Other models in the Lexus lineup include Convertibles, (such as the IS C models), various sizes of SUVs (such as the mid-size GX and the full-size LX).
One of Lexus’s most popular cars is the IS250.

Lexus IS250 : About the Model

In a bid to align with the automotive mainstream, Lexus launched the IS250 in 2005. The IS250 is a compact executive car with a sporty disposition. The IS250 is an iteration of the first generation IS with more appealing luxurious designs, memory leather seats, and LED interior lighting accents. With IS250, Lexus accomplished many firsts, such as its first diesel and four-cylinder engine, and its first convertible version. The Lexus IS250 belongs to the Lexus IS line which was initially marketed under the Toyota Altezza nameplate.

Can you have Lexus IS250 Stanced?

Although this entry-level sport model is designed with a top notch interior and high tech features, as well an exterior design that can attract anyone, it still has room for immense customization. The Lexus IS250 stance is a remarkable modification that enhances the aesthetic features of the IS250. A stanced Lexus IS250 brings out the sporty nature of the brand.

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