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Lexus: About the Brand

This is a premium carmaker that designs and sales top-notch sedans and SUVs. For thirty years, the firm has put out an array of machines that have come to be associated with reliability. This brand represents the luxury car division of automotive giant Toyota.
If we talk about Lexus as a local producer, it certainly dominates the marked being at the top spot among the premium car makers in Japan. The global lineup of Lexus includes sedans of varying sizes such as the compact IS and HS models. There are also the mid-size ES and GS models, as well as the full-size LS.
With only a three-decade history in the premium vehicles market, Lexus is relatively new compared to its competitors. However, this status has not held it back from making a mark. Overtimes, the premium car brand has come to be known as a very reliable and functional automobile. Aside from reliability, the success of the automobile brand has also been attributed to its increasing levels of quality and lower prices compared to competing brands.
The IS300 is a first generation Lexus IS.

Lexus IS300 : About the Model

The Lexus IS300 belongs to the Lexus IS line, which was initially marketed under the Toyota Altezza nameplate. This IS300 is a compact executive car designed with peculiar elements, such as a chrome metal ball shifter, a chronograph-style instrument panel (with mini gauges for volts, fuel economy, and temperature), as well as a pop-up navigation screen.

Can you have Lexus IS300 Stanced?

Equipped with the 2JZ-Ge engine, which bears some similarities with Supra’s, you are likely to find a large array of aftermarket and OEM parts for the IS300. The Lexus IS300 stance is a creative modification when compared with the average Lexus IS300. The Stanced Lexus IS300 gives this Lexus Model an aesthetic edge

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