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Car Brand: Lexus

Lexus has gained a highly deserved popularity for coming out with utterly processed luxury cars. Hallmarks of the brand tend to be calm, well-designed cabin, a luxurious ride, and good performance from the powerful, almost silent engines.

Lexus started from their parent company’s wish to create a luxury world-class car brand. The groundwork for this Lexus was set in mid-1980s, while the company started tapping United States focus groups trying to define the design concepts suitable for American buyers. Hundreds of representative models were designed and analyzed on autobahn of Germany and on roads of U.S.

Car Model: Lexus IS400

For creating a new luxurious brand car, Toyota Company went to good lengths to eliminate any kind of semblances to on its own in interior and exterior luxury and styling features which are not found on some other Toyota. At the same time, Lexus kept Toyota’s defining features, dependability being the major one.

You won’t buy Lexus IS400 in any store because this model was made by means of the engine swap. The owner took this part from the LS400 model, installed it in IS200, and there we have it – the unique, extremely powerful Intelligent Sports series representative with no mercy to the fuel economy.

The factory automobiles in the IS lineup go with the 200, 250, 300, and 350 engines, whereas the LS series feature 400. Basically, the engine power is one of a few things that are missing in IS 200. This is the brilliant example of a mind-blowing Lexus IS400 stance.

Is It Appropriate For A Stance?

The stance is the only way you can have this car in your garage. You could also check the stanced Lexus IS400 on our website, contact the owner, and purchase it from him (it is unlikely that he’ll be selling though).

All the things in the stanced Lexus IS400 are designed for the safety and comfort of driver and as much as 3 mature passengers, who can seat comfortably in every seating position. The transmission and engine are unique in Lexus IS400 stanced, which ensures lots of power, as well as almost imperceptible shifting.

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