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BMW: About the Company

BMW is definitely one of the most famous manufacturers of sports cars and motorcycles. The company is in the business for more than a century. Founded in 1916, it became one of the most popular premium cars make over the years. Besides amazing cars, it is also known for excellent motorcycles. Today, BMW offers a wide range of products. Sports cars from BMW have always been something special, but there are also several crossovers in the offers, as well as large sedans and saloons. Still, even these models follow the core of BMW’s philosophy, which refers to the ultimate driving machine.

BMW M5: About the Model

M-badged models from BMW are present on the market for decades. The M comes short of motorsport, which is a clear indicator that this is a hi-performance division. Speaking of this particular model, it is a hi-performance mid-size sedan. The auto originally came in 1984 based on the famous E28 Series. For all these years, we have seen six generations in total. When it comes to stanced BMW M5, pretty much all versions are good for such modifications. Still, the best results would come with newer models. The current generation is present for about a year, and it is full of advanced designed solutions. The previous, fifth generation is also highly competitive, even after eight years of its initial launch. It still holds the record of the world’s fastest sedan.

Is BMW M5 Good for a Stance?

Without any question, yes! Despite its sedan body style, this is a real sports car. Even the stock model comes with such an amazing suspension that keeps the car only a few inches from the ground. Still, there is always room for further modifications. The best choice for the BMW M5 stance would be either E60 or F10 models. This means you should seek for models produced between 2005 and 2017. Considering that this is a high-performance version that features premium suspension from M department, this modification will cost you a lot of money for sure, if you want to do it in a proper way. When it comes to wheels, even base models come with huge 19-inch ones. You can easily go for 21 inches to get BMW M5 stanced, it won’t be a problem at all.

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