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Daewoo Brand

Daewoo Motors is a former Korean carmaker that was founded back in 1982. It was a part of the huge Daewoo conglomerate that was producing not just cars, but electronics and many other things as well. The company was rather successful in the beginning but felt a crisis in the mid 90’s. Bankruptcy was the only way the company could go, so it was sold to General Motors in 1999. A few years later, the brand disappeared while the models from the lineup started to carry Chevy’s badge.

Daewoo Matiz: About the Model

Daewoo Matiz is a small city car originally designed and manufactured by Korean carmaker Daewoo Motors. Later, it carried Chevy’s badge and today, it is known as Chevrolet Spark. Still, the best-known version of this tiny car is the first generation model, which was in production between 1998 and 2005. This should be your choice if you want a stanced Daewoo Matiz. It was characterized by a unique design and a variety of gasoline engines. The first one was a three-cylinder 0.8-liter unit with around 50 horses. Still, a little bigger 1.0-liter unit with 62 horsepower was more popular at the time. Later, the company introduced a new 1.2-liter engine with 85 horses, which is the version you should be looking for if you want to go for a Daewoo Matiz stance project.

Could Daewoo Matiz be a Good Stance Car?

Despite the cars questionable capacity for further tunings, modification of this model should be very interesting. A small size combined with a pretty unusual design could be challenging, but you don’t have much to lose. After all, this is a pretty cheap car. Another advantage of Daewoo Matiz stanced is that you won’t have to go for some expensive suspension parts for lowering. When it comes to wheels, base models feature 13 or 14 diameters, but there is enough space, even for much bigger 16-inch wheels. On the other side, the width shouldn’t go over 7 inches.

Javier’s Daewoo Matiz


Mario’s Matiz Lowered

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