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Mazda: About the Brand

For over a century, Mazda has built an impression in the global automotive industry. Established in 1920, the Japanese automobile giant specializes in the manufacturing of sports wagons, minivans, sedans, station wagons, light trucks, sports cars, and commercial vehicles.
With over a million units sold in 2015, Mazda has a strong presence in the global automotive industry. Mazda’s global impact was affirmed by its 2015 ranking as the fifteenth biggest automaker in the world. Mazda ranks fifth in Japan behind Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Suzuki.
Mazda’s vehicles are marketed under brand names such as Atenza, Demio, Axela, Roadster, MPV, Tribute, and RX-8. Mazda’s brands in the United States includes Miata, Protege, RX-8, Tribute, MPV, Mazda6, and Mazda3.

Mazda 6: About the Model

The Mazda 6 (also identified as Atenza in Japan and China), is a mid-size family car introduced by Mazda in 2002. The Mazda 6 was introduced as a replacement for the Capella. The introduction of the Mazda 6 was met with a favorable reception as it became the first Mazda car to exceed one million units in sales, faster than any other Mazda before it.
The Mazda 6 was also promoted as a shift in the company’s design philosophy. Since the Mazda 6, the company has transited to a Stylish, Insightful, and Spirited design philosophy.

Can you have Mazda 6 Stanced?

The Mazda 6 sedan is one of the finest vehicles in its class. This Mazda has a huge appeal among car enthusiasts. It’s unique design, and fine qualities make it a popular choice. However, a segment of car enthusiasts does not seem to be satiated with the aesthetic edge of the Mazda 6. One of their fascinations is Mazda 6 stance. A stanced Mazda 6 is a unique sight! It looks like a floating car when in motion.

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