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About Mazda

This company was founded almost a century ago. It has always been known for its outstanding quality and unique design solutions. Today, this firm is among leading manufacturers when it comes to quality and design. Among mainstream brands, Mazda is definitely the prettiest and probably the most sophisticated one. Besides excellent quality, this carmaker always offers some unusual design features. We all know about the Mazda’s famous rotary engine, which has been used for years. The company is currently working on a brand-new technology, which will bring the first serial-production compression ignition engine. The latter will definitely set new standards when it comes to internal-combustion engines.

Mazda Miata: About the Model

Also known as MX-5, Mazda Miata has been around for almost three decades. It is one of the best small sports cars, and definitely the best small roadster on the market. All generations of this model (there have been four of them so far) are simply amazing. The latest version came three years ago, and you can already see few stanced Mazda Miata autos on the road. This model offers a perfect balance between quality and the price. You can count on attractive design, potent engine, and amazing overall driving experience. The company also sold this technology to FCA, so Fiat also offers a small roadster based on this platform, known as 124 Spider.

Can You Have Mazda Miata Stanced

Pretty much any version of this amazing car would be an excellent choice if you want to have Mazda Miata modified. This includes the newest version as well, which offers excellent quality and even better performances. It features pretty much all of the latest technology achievements, so new wheels and suspension tweaks would be only things you would have to deal with. Speaking of the current-generation model, stock wheels feature 16 or 17 inches in diameter, depending on the trim level, while the width goes between 6.5 and 7.5. Still, Mazda Miata stance has enough space for something bigger and wider.


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