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What is a Muscle Car?

Well, it is pretty hard to explain this notion is in some more specific way. This term is applicable to the automobiles of different types, including 2-door coupes, mid-size and full-size family cars, etc. Regardless of the body style, the core characteristic of these autos is a massive V8 engine that gives the car a lot more power compared to the average automobile. First muscle cars appeared after the WW2, but the golden era starts in late 50’s and finishes in early 70’s. At that time, they were an immensely popular car segment on the market. However, the fuel crisis removed these cars in the 70’s. The revival starts in the late 80’s, with models like Buick Grand National. These days, the vehicles of this kind are still very popular.

Common Muscle Car Brands

In the past, they were produced by pretty much all of the top US carmakers like Ford, which is best known for its legendary Mustang. There are also iconic models from the past like Torino, Gran Torino, Fairlane, etc. Chevy also used to design awesome cars like this in the past. Of course, the most famous are Chevelle and Camaro. Dodge is best known for its iconic Charger and Challenger models, as well as Coronet. We should also mention legendary models like Pontiac GTO, Plymouth Barracuda, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Pontiac Firebird, and many others.
Today, the number of muscle cars is much smaller, but some iconic nameplates have remained in production for all those years. However, today’s market is pretty much all about pony cars, a class of smaller and sportier derivate of original muscle models.

Are Muscle Cars Appropriate for Stance?

A stanced muscle car would definitely be a bull’s eye. Such huge amount of power is perfect for further modifications, especially if we consider that suspension is usually the weakest point of these cars. Muscle autos are perfect for the straight line, but muscle car stance makes the things much different, so Mustang or Camaro would become a real street racer. Almost every muscle car stanced usually allows pretty much every wheel size you want, including those over 20 inches. For example, the new Mustang comes with 20-inch OEM wheels, so adding few more won’t be a problem at all.

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