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Ford: About Brand

Founded by Henry Ford, this famous company is in the business for full 115 years. It is one of the world’s leading carmakers. Despite it is headquartered in Detroit, it is a real global brand, with departments across many countries. There were numerous iconic car models through the history, but the current lineup is also full of amazing cars, SUV, and trucks. One of the best-known models is Mustang.

Ford Mustang: About the Model

Ford Mustang is definitely the most famous muscle car of all time. Originally introduced in 1964, this pony has been considered as one of America’s most famous nameplates when it came to the car industry. Up to the present, we have seen numerous versions of it. There have been six generations so far, but the original is still considered as the best and most successful. Besides its recognizable design, the Mustang offers a huge amount of power. The current generation comes with several engines in the offer. There are some brand-new, highly-efficient V6 engines, but V8 units are still considered as the real deal. So, if you want to have Ford Mustang stanced, eight cylinders would be our recommendation.

Would Ford Mustang Be a Good Choice for Stance?

A stanced Ford Mustang would definitely be awesome. Pretty much every version would be a great choice. Even the newest generation, which is present since 2015, seems like an excellent deal. You will have to include those common modifications, such as the new wheels. When it comes to wheels, base models come with 17-20 inches in diameter, depending on the engine and trim level. However, its fender well is large enough for something much bigger, even 22-inch wheels. Width can easily go over 10 inches, maybe even full 11. Just like every muscle car, Ford Mustang stance would require new suspension as well. A better suspension is always welcome with these cars. Still, consider that this is a sports car, so you would need some hi-quality components.

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