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About the Brand: Honda

This is very typical for Japan though, but as a manufacturer born in the country of rising sun demonstrates an excellent quality. It also delivers a top-notch performance to the drivers all over the world. The discussed firm is actually one of the largest car making enterprises in the world. Interestingly, its founded didn’t have any formal education. An immense passion for the automobiles was the thing that helped this man create and sustain this massive production.

The company went through the motorcycles maker to the second largest automobile making company on the planet. This brand is extremely trusted by the drivers, and if you decide to get a Honda for yourself, you won’t regret.

About the Model: Honda Prelude

The model entered the market in 1979. It was the first time when the company tried to create a fascinating fun-to-drive car that would still be durable and reliable. Over the following decades, this two-door sports coupe proved that the company’s effort was worthy indeed.

The Prelude auto has been a playground for Honda in the sense that the company tested a plenty of new features in this model. Among those things, there was Honda’s Active Torque Transfer System, four-wheel steering, as well as fuel injection. The most recent Prelude is a bit heavier and larger compared with the models of previous years. Its 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine with VTEC combined with the manual 5-speed transmission ensures 200 hp easily. The biggest problem with this auto is that the performance doesn’t match its look. Sounds like a perfect stance material.

Can I have Honda Prelude Stanced?

As we’ve already mentioned, Honda Prelude stance is a very good idea if you share the opinion that the look of this model doesn’t go very well with its performance capabilities. Stanced Honda Prelude can become everything you’ve ever wanted to get from an automobile. Hence, if you are hesitant whether you should go for this stance, just don’t.

Slammed Honda Prelude

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