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Mazda Brand

Mazda is one of the most famous Japanese car brands. When it comes to popularity, it stands behind Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Suzuki. However, it definitely has a huge number of hard-core lovers, thanks to numerous interesting design solutions. One of the most interesting facts about this manufacturer is the brand’s logo, which has been changed for six times so far. The current one is present since 1997, and it symbolizes the company’s vision to expand the wings for the future. The brand was named after Iranian-Zoroastrian god of wisdom Ahura Mazda.

Mazda RX-8: About the Model

Mazda RX-8 is a famous sports car, which has been in production for a full decade. It is characterized by a very attractive design and excellent driving dynamics. Still, the most interesting thing about the car is its engine. We’ve already mentioned that Mazda has always been known for unusual design solutions and one of them is a rotary engine, which powers this sports car. With a displacement of only 1.3 liters, this engine was able to deliver more than 240 horsepower in some versions. Speaking of versions, those are numerous, but each one would be a great choice for modifications. The biggest difference is the output, while visual differences are minimal.

Can You Have Mazda RX-8 Stanced?

This is a dynamic sports car, and stanced Mazda RX-8 seems natural. Japanese cars have always been known as an excellent platform for additional tunings. Speaking of a stance, in particular, you will have to modify the suspension and to find some more attractive wheels, since OEM rims look a bit outdated. Suspension kit should be quite easy to find since most of the aftermarket manufacturers offer products that fit this amazing sports car. Mazda RX-8 stance would also include new wheels. OEM rims go all away up to 19 inches in diameter, and you should stick this size. On the other side, a width between 9.5 and 10.5 inches would be a perfect choice.

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