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About Audi Brand

The German automaker has broadened its Australian presence nowadays with a comprehensive selection of sports and prestige models which range from compact hatches and sedans to luxury sedans, SUVs, and high-end sports cars. The majority of cars have diesel and petrol engine options, as well as the all-wheel Quattro drive system. The most popular models include RS, R8, TT, Q7, Q5, Q3, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3, A1, and most are available in wagon, convertible, coupe, sedan, or hatch variants. Namely, the A-8 sedan is luxury flag-bearer, mid-engine R8 sets performance bar, whereas RS range offers high-performance enhancements on a variety of models.

Audi S3: About The Car Model

If you are a “head rules the heart” type of buyer, then S3 will most likely suit you, particularly if you choose for S-tronic dual-clutcher, which additionally adds a sexy exhaust thrrapp between the full-throttle upshifts. It is a simple and exquisite model to stay with, and it won’t penalize you at petrol pump due to an excellent fuel economy. Also, it includes a complete measure of soundness in its tech, finish, and build.

In case your credit-card is gravitating to S3, then ensure that you reserve a test-drive of VW Golf R too. There is very little between them on price, but they’re surprisingly distinct. Audi is unquestionably the classier idea, but Golf is the revelation on the road.

Can You Have Audi S3 Stanced?

Of course, you can easily modify your S3. This Audi S3 is a 4-cylinder engine dependent 2nd generation version of Audi-A3 collection. Audi S3 stance will be very easy as there is plenty of aftermarket parts manufacturers across the world. Stanced Audi S3 is undoubtedly the best one out there. With its variety of excellent features, you’ll enjoy your every ride.

Audi S3 Custom Wheels

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