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Audi Brand

Are you a fan of Audi? This is the automobile that rocks the streets in many countries. Whichever city you reside in, the chances that you see a least one Audi a day are pretty hight. This well-known carmaker is based in Germany. As any other firm making luxury products on sale, this company ensures awesome assembly quality and impressive design.

Everybody knows these autos and easily recognizes their emblem these days, but very few people can tell the history standing behind this name. The company was supposed to be called “Horch,” which was the surname of the founder. However, another company with a similar title was already registered, so he had to come up with something more creative. The guy didn’t think much and simply translated the word into Latin. And this is how the world saw “Audi.”

Since that time, the brand produced plenty of iconic car models. One of those is the very best Audi S6.

S6: About the Model

A very sleek model, and a very powerful one. This auto has a very strong appeal, and if you just take a glimpse of its awesomeness, you’ll see what we mean. The S6 receives the top marks in all ratings, which is a well-deserved appraisal.

If we were to describe this automobile in three words, these would be elegance, innovation, and power. The S6 model replicates its predecessor A6 in many areas, but it can boast a much better performance. Equipped with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 and the ability to push 450-hp, the S6 gives the driver or he needs. At the same time, the S6 ensures an improved fuel economy compared to the A6.

The power shows through the adaptive air suspension and the all-wheel drive. Naturally, you won’t get it for a song. Such automobile is quite pricey, but this is a luxury vehicle after all. If you decide to go for Audi S6 stance, you won’t regret.

Can I have Audi S6 stanced?

This auto will look breathtaking after you enhance it a little. There is plenty of aftermarket parts that you can use for modifications. It’s so much cooler when lowered! Check out some stanced Audi S6 on our website.

Audi S6 Custom Wheels

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