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Lexus Brand

Lexus is one of the most recognizable premium brands in the automotive industry. It is in business for almost three decades. During all these years, we have seen numerous amazing models, characterized excellent quality, refinement, and plenty of luxury. The brand was even present in popular culture numerous times. For example, in 1998, Lexus became an official sponsor of the big American tour of a legendary guitarist and singer Eric Clapton. One of the brand’s most recognizable models in that time was SC400.

Lexus SC400: About the Model

The famous SC model was in production for about 20 years. There are two generations of this amazing car and both are exceptional. Still, the original model is somehow more popular these days, at least when it comes to Lexus SC400 stance. The first generation was offered with two amazing engines. Besides the base 3.0-liter inline-four, there was a hi-performance 4.0-liter V8, which powered SC400. Initial versions have a max output of 250 horsepower. Still, there were two updates of this engine, so it finally ended up with 290 horsepower. Still, this difference doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to stanced Lexus SC400. All versions are equally amazing for further modifications.

Is Lexus SC400 a Good Stance Car?

It’s not just good. It is simply the best choice ever. Powerful engine, excellent driving dynamics, and attractive look are just some of the main characteristics of this sports car that make it perfect for further modification. Of course, you will need new wheels and suspension to have Lexus SC400 stanced. Speaking of the wheels, even OEM rims go up to 19 inches in diameter, though you could add one or two more inches without problems. When it comes to width, you can easily go over 10 inches. To get the best positive effect, go for some quality suspension kit, to get your SC close to the ground as much as possible.

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