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Lexus: About the Brand

This is the car maker producing the luxury vehicles at an affordable price; well, at least if compared to the American and European rivals. This company is operating as a subsidiary of Toyota. Interestingly, the whole brand “Lexus” was created as a new marque for the American market. Back then, the president commanded to make up a new catchy name for the upcoming luxury auto, and that is how the Lexus was born. The brand logo also fits the criteria “memorable” and “simple.” Everything about the brand image of Lexus reflects its nature. Indeed, every Lexus feels very luxurious and technologically rich, whichever model you prefer.

Lexus SC430: About the Model

The model with a two-seater cockpit, a convertible top, and the 4.3-liter V8 engine that pushes 325 feet of torque and 300 hp can certainly be considered as a sports car. However, this is not what this automobile is. The SC430 is a luxury vehicle in a nutshell. This auto is full of different amenities, which surely is a plus for every driver. Still, the biggest perk of SC430 is not even the prestigious interior. The model is most praised for its marvelous suspension that allows you to drive smoothly through the bumpiest roads. At the same time, we cannot say that the driving experience on this particular auto differs very much from any other Lexus. Therefore, if you feel that you need more from this car, the Lexus SC430 stance is your chance.

Can I have Lexus SC430 stanced?

This is one of those cars that are asking for a stance. SC430 has very vast potential, and although it is generally a fine automobile, not to mention, a luxury one, we all know that the real car enthusiasts won’t accept that. Therefore, if you have the desire and the opportunity, go ahead and create a unique stanced Lexus SC430.

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