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Hyundai Brand

The renowned company and one of the leading global car makers, this firm have become incredibly popular because it is reliable and not very pricey at the same time. However, unlike some other businesses of a kind, the brand had to wait for their finest hour for much longer.

As a genuine Korean, Hyundai had always been tremendously hardworking and dedicated. This quality had brought this firm a true recognition. The name of the brand is translated from the Korean as “modernity,” and this is the feature that the brand tries to master throughout their existence.

Their well known Sonata sedan was introduced in 1988. It is the very first model to be made by the brand from scratch (apart from the licensed engine from Mitsubishi).

Hyundai Sonata: About the Model

Many things have changed since the day the Sonata emerged in the market. Its exterior grew sleeker, the interior received a bunch of new exciting features, and the overall performance became better. The model had been receiving awesome updates with each generation, and it’s still becoming more and more potent with every next year.

Namely, the latest Sonata of 2018 has an improved gas mileage, new transmission and suspension, and a refreshed exterior. However, you won’t lose much if you decide to go for the models of previous years because the older Sonatas sound just as fine. In any case, you can create your personal harmony here. There is absolutely no doubt that Hyundai Sonata stance will look and feel totally awesome.

Can I have Hyundai Sonata Stanced?

You can try and give more drama to this car by having it modified. Improve the design, replace the wheels, update the suspension, or even change the engine if you need more power! Stanced Hyundai Sonata doesn’t lack the aftermarket parts, and you’ll love it.

Hyundai Sonata Slammed

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