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About the Brand: Toyota

A renowned Japanese car maker Toyota is the brand that is widespread literally everywhere. I am sure that you know personally at least five people who drive this brand’s cars these days, and this is not surprising. The cars made by this company are extremely popular not without the reason; they combine the excellent quality and affordable pricing.

Like many other manufacturers of the cars, this particular brand has received its name from the owner. There is a little difference in spelling though because the founder’s name goes like To-Yo-Da with D in the last syllable. Anyway, this Toyoda guy got the inspiration for this amazing car in the United States. Even though the business started in Japan, it gradually moved to the US, which happened very organically. Currently, the brand can be seen everywhere in the world, and if you belong to the proud Toyota owners club, good for you!

About the Model: Toyota Supra

This model is a classic two-door sedan. It was born from the partnership with BMW in an effort to help the latter develop the next generation of Z4 sports vehicles. As a result, Toyota not only gave a friendly hand to BMW but also received a perfect platform for building its well-known 86 model.

Supra is extremely powerful due to the iron-block 326 hp engine, two turbochargers, and 325 lb-ft of torque. It used to over-compete BMW M3 in the performance. We’re more than sure the latest Supras are even more capable.

Can I have Toyota Supra Stanced?

Toyota Supra stance may be exactly what you need if having a killer sports vehicle is your ultimate goal. It certainly is appropriate for modifications. The owners are even encouraged to make the stanced Toyota Supra since there are lots of aftermarket parts that would boost its performance and improve the appearance.

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