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Acura Brand

Acura is a luxury brand of the famous Japanese manufacturer Honda. It has been around for more than 33 years. The company was founded in 1985, while first models came to North America one year later. During all these years, this brand has been known for amazing refinement and plenty of luxury. The brand’s lineup is full of excellent models of different types and sizes. One of those amazing cars is Acura TLX.

Acura TLX: About the Model

Acura TLX is an entry-level luxury sedan which originally came in 2014. Based on the legendary Honda Accord, this model offers the same level of quality but adds luxury and refinement. Attractive look is also one of its strongest points. Even the base model looks amazing, and extra adjustments could make the car even better. There are two variants of this auto in the offer. Both versions feature familiar engines from Accord. The base one is equipped with a 2.4-liter inline-four unit, which delivers around 206 horsepower, which makes a great balance between performances and economy. On the other side, a 3.5-liter V6 provides far better acceleration and overall performances thanks to the max output of 290 horses. It’s easy to conclude that the latter one would be a better choice for stanced Acura TLX.

Should I Have Acura TLX stanced?

Definitely! This car is fast and it offers great driving dynamics. Above all, it looks amazing. The modifications would make its appearance even better. For stanced TLX, you’ll have to go for some hi-quality suspension kit that would keep your beautiful sedan as low as possible. Besides the new suspension, go for some attractive wheels. In the stock variant, this sedan comes with 17-19 inches of diameter and 7.5-8.5 inches of width, depending on the trim level. Still, there is enough space for something bigger and wider; 20×10 wheels for Acura TLX stance would be great!

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