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BMW Brand

BMW is definitely one of the most famous names in the car industry, especially when it comes to premium sports cars. This company has been in business for more than a century, and it is famous not only for amazing sports cars but amazing motorcycles as well. Moreover, it produced aircraft engines until 1945. Today, this is one of the leading premium carmakers in the world, known for numerous impressive sedans, coupes, crossovers, etc. Mini and Rolls Royce brands are also the part of this company.

BMW X6: About the Model

Known for its coupe-like body style, this model actually established as a completely new class of crossovers. The original version came in 2007, while the current second-generation model has been around since 2014. Based on the famous X5, this crossover offers not just attractive look, but amazing driving dynamics as well. Despite its large dimensions and high ground clearance, it is definitely more about performances than practicality. There are several version of it when it comes to powertrain. Base models feature company’s famous inline-six units, but the real deal starts with V8 engines. Interestingly, hi-performance M models are available with both petrol and diesel engines. Still, the petrol version offers far more power and astonishing 0-60 acceleration time that takes around 4.2 seconds.

Can You Have BMW X6 Stanced

Stanced BMW X6 might sound paradoxical, but it is actually quite popular these days. Crossovers are usually meant to be higher than sedans and hatchbacks, but most of them are actually useless when it comes to off-road drive, especially the premium models with a huge amount of power and stupendous performances. So, these vehicles could only benefit from lowering. You’ll need some specially designed suspension lowering kit for crossovers. Besides new suspensions, go for new and bigger wheels. This is a pretty large crossover, so it’s no wonder that even stock wheels have 19-21 inches in diameter, while width goes between 9 and 10 inches. Thanks to the great fender-well, BMW X6 stance can easily go for 22-inch wheels with 12 inches of width.


Lowered BMW X6

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