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Slammed Ford Mustang On Velgen Classic 5s Wheels

Muscle cars have been favorites of many stance enthusiasts for years. Such enormous amount of power simply asks for further modifications. We used on modifications of legendary models from the past, as well as...

Nissan 370Z On Work Meisters S1 3P Wheels Lowered

For decades, numerous versions of the famous Z Car have been considered as perfect stance cars. Attractive styling, mind-blowing performances, and excellent aftermarket support are just some of the reasons why these models are...

Customization is the enhancement of the auto specifications with the help of car parts made on individualized orders, thus, particularly for an exact car as well as taking into account the driver’s wishes.

It also means that the custom details are created in accordance with the standards and norms set by the government and manufacturer. As a rule, customized details are the improved versions of the factory parts. They solve exact problems enhancing the vehicle simultaneously. From the engineering point of view, it is not reasonable to make customs only for the sake of design. Solving technical problems should be the main priority.

The stance of a car belongs to the customization, and this detail has come to the car industry from the motor racing. Stance is a whole subculture. A good stance does not only provide lowered suspension. The auto with a proper stance can demonstrate an entirely new subculture.

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